The BadCameo Press Kit

About the band

Tampa, FL based band BadCameo blends all types of influences into a unique cocktail of grooves they call Indie-Funk Fusion! The band’s motto is “fuse whatever you got into this music”, which is evident in their flamboyant stage persona, eclectic aesthetic, and use of props like their signature stuffed fish. Always immersing fans in an all-out dance party (the BC guarantee!), BadCameo is both a band and lifestyle worth believing in.

In late 2021, the band earned a slot at the renowned Gasparilla Music Festival in Tampa. This performance came on the heels of three separate self-booked tours, which totaled 3.5 months on the road and 60+ shows. Notably, the “baby come back to me tour” saw the band cross the country and perform in 13 states, reaching the Pacific Ocean. In 2022, BadCameo signed with Pivotal Touring, so be on the lookout for their next tour in your area! Since originating in North Carolina in 2017, the band has performed over 200 times, sharing bills with bands like Nas, Sylvan Esso, Of Good Nature, Kendall Street Company, and Joe Marcinek.

BadCameo’s debut album was released in late 2020, and was followed by a number of hit singles in 2021. Partnering with PR company Unable Music Group, the band’s second album will be released in August 2022. Be on the lookout for groovy singles & promotional efforts leading up to this exciting release. Check out the BadCameo Funk Train and learn what these funky boys are all about!

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